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Changes To Our Bus Services From Thursday 3rd September 2020:


COVID-19 has made a huge impact on our business and will shape the way our company operates in the future. We are unsure how passengers will adapt to the “new normal” way of living and the impact it will have on using school bus services. If social distancing is to continue it will affect the amount of pupils we can permit to use the service at any one time. We are certain to see a reduction in passenger numbers due to concerns relating to contracting COVID-19 whilst travelling on school buses.


Following a recent network review of our school bus services we are making some important changes to our M15, M16 & M18 services. Changes include some bus stops will now be served by a different service and the withdrawal of pay as you travel cash fares including singles, day deturns, weekly and 4 weekly tickets.


Please note we can no longer offer the option of pay as you travel cash fares, all pupils will be required to purchase a yearly bus pass.


By withdrawing the use of cash payments this will help to minimise the possible risk of infection of COVID-19 from handling cash to both pupils and our staff. 


With the introduction of a yearly bus pass only system this will help our operations team monitor passenger numbers in order social distancing guidelines are adhered to, and that every child is guaranteed a seat whilst travelling on our school bus services.


Pupils who have free entitlement to travel from Gloucestershire County Council (G.C.C), will be able to continue using these school bus services as normal. Parents/guardians whose child/children have the entitlement do not need to take any further action as G.C.C have supplied us with the details of these pupils and their requirements.


We thank you for you valued custom, continued support and understanding during these uncertain and challenging times.


Timetables Effective From Thursday 3rd September 2020:



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